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Success Story

We didn’t have the resources of an enterprise, but needed to build something similar with less staff and a smaller budget. Egnyte enabled us to save $55,000 of our IT budget. Piotr Malinski, Head of Information Technology Semperian


Europe's Largest Specialist PPP Investment Partnership

Semperian PPP Investment Partners Group Ltd (formerly Trillium PPP Investment Partners LP) was launched in 2007. Semperian is designed to give investors access to a large, diverse portfolio of PPP (public-private partnership) investments. Semperian's team of over 140 people manages over 100 assets with a value in excess of £1.3 billion. Advisors travel around the UK, ensuring clients have access to a portfolio of PPP projects with good levels of recurrent yield, long dated final maturity, and scale of opportunity, among other features.

Opportunity: Replicating an Enterprise Solution for 1/3rd of the Cost

When they completed the acquisition of the PPP management business from Trillium in 2009, Semperian needed to find a new file sharing, collaboration access and backup solution. Land Securities Trillium was a large company and had a robust enterprise solution that consisted of file servers, VPN, backup and support.

In order to replicate the solution at Land Securities Trillium, they would have to purchase the following:


  • Minimum of 2 Windows servers for redundancy
  • A storage layer/Storage Area Network
  • Minimum of 2 firewalls for redundancy
  • VPN concentrator in data center
  • VPN hardware for site to site VPN at every site (15)
  • Uninterruptible power supply equipment


  • Windows Server 2008 licenses
  • VMware licenses if used with virtualization
  • VPN Client License

Hosting Fees

  • Rack space, electricity, cooling, secure physical access, bandwidth

IT Personnel Cost

  • Initial setup and design of file server infrastructure
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Application support

The total cost for a 2-year commitment to a server environment would have been $69,000. Network bandwidth and VPN costs would be additional.

Challenge: Replace a Server Environment Without Losing Security and Control of Financial Documents

Semperian knew that VPN was frustrating and windows file servers were expensive to maintain. The firm's advisors needed to access their files when on the road and at meetings with clients. They wanted anywhere access to their files, without compromising on the level of security needed to keep important financial documents secure. Piotr Malinski, Head of Information Technology set out to find a solution.

Solution: Deploy Office Local Cloud on a Netgear ReadyNAS

Piotr wanted an enterprise level product to fulfill their file sharing and storage needs. Employees used a mix of PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones. He had several key requirements when looking for a solution:

  1. Flexible access from any device
  2. Cost effective
  3. Data Security - Needed EU Safe Harbor compliance
  4. LDAP integration - Key to user management
  5. Centralized user and data management

He chose Egnyte because it met all of his key requirements, plus some more. Choosing Egnyte saved Semperian $55,960 + over a 2-year time period. With Egnyte, Piotr effectively replicated the enterprise infrastructure he had at Land Securities at 1/3 of the cost.

Egnyte enabled him to maintain visibility and control of documents that were being accessed and shared. It offered centralized administration controls, enabling him to divide users into groups and to control which files and folders those groups could access. They had just split from a big corporation, and he wanted to reduce the learning curve by providing his users an experience similar to that of a file server. He was able to do this using Egnyte's map drive feature. However, choosing a pure cloud solution was impractical for Semperian. Employees work off of big files, around 15 megabytes, and relying on the cloud was slow and had bandwidth issues. Piotr decided to deploy Office Local Cloud on Netgear ReadyNAS at Semperian's three main locations in London, Bath and Manchester. Speed is no longer an issue and they have an additional layer of security because data is replicated locally and in the cloud. Employees can now access their files and folders using Egnyte's mapped drive feature, which enables them to work directly on the cloud via a similar user interface. If an employee is working remote, they don't miss out because documents are continuously synced to the cloud via Office Local Cloud.

"With 15 remote offices located in the UK, it is important for our employees to have access to their files and us to maintain visibility and control," said Piotr. "Egnyte provides a secure way to access these files from any location combined with strong centralized administration capabilities."

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