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Smart Content Governance

Egnyte Protect is a smart content governance solution that provides you with powerful and easy-to-use tools to protect your employees and customers’ privacy, your corporate intellectual property, and your existing content repositories. Indeed, Egnyte Protect unifies all your content under a centralized set of policies so you can migrate to the cloud at your own pace and reach the right mix of content in the cloud and on-premises.

Prevent Costly Data Leakage with Egnyte Protect

Access Control

  • Identify and eliminate public links to help you comply with regulatory requirements
  • Unify permissions across all your content repositories for better usability and greater security
  • Find unusual user access patterns to prevent costly data leakage
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Selective Encryption with Egnyte Content Governance Solution

Selective Encryption

  • Identify sensitive, regulated or mission critical files and keep them encrypted even after they leave your EFSS system to prevent unauthorized viewing
  • Use custom tagging to identify and encrypt files used in confidential projects for optimal flexibility
  • Automatically encrypt content created by certain users and teams requiring enhanced security
Control location of files between on premises and cloud

Data Residency

  • Set geographic boundaries for where your files can reside so that you comply with data sovereignty laws
  • Prevent movement of files between on premises and cloud for contractual or security reasons
  • Keep files in the right repository based on your policies and vendor agreements
Control when and how your files are deleted or retained

Data Retention

  • Automatically delete files once projects are completed to meet stringent customer privacy requirements
  • Prevent specific files from being deleted or modified to comply with Defensible Delete auditing
  • Retain files for a specific period of time so you can comply with Legal Hold requirements

Business Benefits

Egnyte Protect controls all your human-generated content flowing throughout your repositories (in the cloud and on-premises) and ensures the right policies are in place to effectively protect and build a secure foundation for your organization’s digital workplace.

SaaS Hybrid Solution

  • Deploy instantly with no upfront hardware cost, no ramp up time, no need for dedicated skill sets or additional staff
  • Provide on-going content protection in the cloud and on-premises with real-time alerts
  • Define the right mix of content on premises and in the cloud at the right time for your company

Open Platform

  • Control all of your distributed content stored in cloud and on-premises repositories
  • No vendor lock-in on your applications or storage that could limit your options in the future
  • Grow as you need to by easily adding or removing repositories

Collaboration Expertise

  • Leverage predefined templates and rules based on your industry or corporate usage patterns, not just theoretical analysis
  • Provide a comprehensive view of activities throughout your content business workflows
  • Identify the right groups or users who should access the content at which time and for which purpose
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